Time Keeper

Supervisor App

Great for remote locations like construction sites. Supervisors swipe the employee's printed QR code on their cell phone to register times.

Employee App

Employees check in & out with an app on their phones. A specific location can be required.

Web clock in & out

Employees can clock in & out from their desktop and tablets via the employee portal.

3rd Party System

Already have a program that tracks time? Upload the timesheet directly into Vihrms.

Photo Capture Time Clock

Captures photos of your employees as they clock in and out. Helps to prevent Buddy Punching.

HR Manager


Schedule - Allow employees to see their work schedues on the employee portal. The ability for Employee's to swap with each other is also included.

Government Forms

Government Forms - Fill in your BVI Work Permit and Visa Application only once with ViHRMS. Prints the complete form

Job Costing

Job Costing - View labour cost per job

Leave Management

Leave Management - Keep track of employee leave days.

Overtime Manager

Overtime Manager - Require Overtime approval before time is registered.

Exports to Visual Payroll

Exports to Visual Payroll - Export your attendance data into to Visual Payroll & Quickbooks.

Employment Letter

Employment Letter - Easily create Employment Letters.

Expense Management

Expense Management - Keep a track of expenses paid by employees for reimbursement.

Notice Board

Notice Board - Keep the entire company update by posting announcements on the company-wide notice board.


Pay Slips

Print your Pay Slips individually or in bulk. Prefer to go Paperless? Employees can be emailed their Pay Slips. Employees can also Print Pay Slips from the Employee Portal.
Print or Email Pay slips.

Government Reports

Stay up to date with your filings at National Health Insurance, Social Security, and Inland Revenue. Annual Reports are also included.

Allowances & Deductions

Unlimited company-wide and individual allowances and deductions. Allows for Non-taxable deductions such as pensions.

Click and Pay Payment Portal

Select the payment date and all employees to be paid are displayed with overtime, allowances and deductions already included. Add Pay Period bonuses and dock pay deductions.

Quickbooks Integration

Export your payroll information to Quickbooks Desktop.

Bulk Cheque Printing

1) Place cheques in the printer. 2) Select the employee(s) 3) Click “Bulk Cheque Printing” 4) Open the downloaded file and print. Cheques are filled out and paystub information added.