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Do you require the advantages of a cloud-based solution despite your concerns about privacy? ViHRMS makes it possible for you to store your data on your server.

Manage your HR & BVI Payroll from ANYWHERE. Whether you’re a local company or a foreign-based IBC that has to comply with Economic Substance Codes, ViHRMS has a solution.

Simply Payroll or advanced features to make HR a breeze: Employee Portal, Recruitment, No-Work Dates, Quick Books Integrations & much more!

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How can ViHRMS help my business?

Each business has unique needs. Instead of pretending to understand your specific needs without an initial consultation, we have listed below four ways in which four different clients use ViHRMS. If your potential use does not match any of the descriptions below, you can always contact us to discuss how ViHRMS can be configured or customized to work with your business
Travel and Transportation - Case Study

Office Employees clock in and out using the Photo Capture Time Clock. Because Ramp staff often arrives before the office is open or leaves after the office has closed, they can use the Employee App, which is set via GPS to the Airport location and Office Wifi address. The manager uses the Scheduler to set employee schedules, which can be viewed from the employee portal. The employees verify their hours before payroll is processed and prints their own payslips once the payroll is processed.

Corporate Office - Case Study

A medium-sized trust-company uses the Human Resource Management solutions of ViHRMS but maintains their data on their company servers. They mainly use the system for Applicant Tracking (Recruitment), Leave Management, and the automatic generation of Employment Letters.

Hospitality - Case Study

The client has both a retail store and a restaurant. The Photo Capture Time Clock App is installed on a cell phone which the employees use to clock in and out. Both salaried and hourly workers follow a weekly payroll. The manager reviews the timesheets once a week, and uses the Click and Pay Portal to processes the payroll. All the payslips are printed in bulk. Since employees do not have access to the Employment Portal, management manually enters time-off request for each employee

Retailer - Multiple Locations [Case Study]

The Photo Capture Time Clock App runs on conveniently located tablets in both locations. The Overtime Manager function is enabled which means that overtime has to be approved by a supervisor before it appears in payroll. Sick Leave, Holiday, and Vacation Pay calculations are calculated automatically. Net salary is paid using the Bank’s Cash Management services.

ViHRMS Features

Attendance | HR | BVI Payroll

4 Different Time Tracking Application + Excel/CSV Import

Photo Capture Time Clock App, Employee, Supervisor, and Office Clock from the employee portal. Already have a time tracking system? No problem! ViHRMS can also import attendance data from Excel CSV files

Powerful Human Resource Management Features

Leave Management, Overtime Management, Recruitment Module, Scheduler, Project Management, Automatic Employment Letter Generation, Notice Board, Expense Management, the ability to track employee courses and awards.  List of Company Policies.  Employee Portal

Payroll and Govt Reports

Payment Frequencies: Daily, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-Monthly & Monthly. Automatic calculation of Holiday, Sick Leave, Overtime, and Vacation Leave Pay. Gratuity, Bonus, Company-Wide & Employee specific Allowances, and Deductions| Employee Loans | Ability to process all employees (salaried/hourly/different pay frequencies)  at the same time| Email or Print payslips. Automatic generation of all Statutory Reports. 

Store Your Data

Do you prefer to maintain your payroll data on your servers?  We can develop a hybrid solution for your firm. Contact us for more information.

3rd Party Integration

3rd Party Integration: Humanity | Quickbooks |  Visual (Creates an export template). API integrations or additional customization are possible.

Daily Automatic Backups | Secure Web Access Portal | Access tracking |    Additional User-Defined  menus

Fast Support

HelpDesk with detail articles on most functions. Training appointments, Remote assistance, and telephone support.


No hidden fees | No Setup Cost | $20 Per Month Hosting Fee + Per Employee Fee


From $4 per month
  • Photo Capture Time Clock App
  • Employee App with GPS Fencing
  • Supervisor App (Supervisor scans the employee's id when they arrive & leave job site)
  • Upload Attendance data from 3rd Party Programs
  • Powerful Attendance Editor
  • Automatic Time Deductions by Department
$4 Per Month

HR Manager

From $6 per month
  • All the features of Time Keeper
  • Leave Management (Quotas, Unlimited Leave Categories, Roll Over Processing)
  • Employment Letters (Automatically Generated )
  • Recruitment Management
  • Scheduling
  • Employee Portal
$6 Per Month

HR & BVI Payroll

From $8 per month
  • Salary & Hourly Calculations with Overtime, Social Security, National Healthy Insurance & Inland Revenue Taxes
  • Payslips (Print, Email or allow the employees to print them from the employee portal)
  • Government Reports (NHI, SS and Payroll)
  • Employee Loans
  • Bonus | Gratuity | Pension
  • Quickbooks Online & Desktop Integration (Beta)
$8 Per Month

ViHRMS Video Overview

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