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Understanding BVI Payroll Calculations – Employee

There are three statutory deductions each pay period National Health Insurance 3.75% * Social Security 4% Inland Revenue Tax 8% (Only if the employee have made more than $10,000 for the year) *If an employee’s spouse is not employed, the employee has to pay an additional 3.75% to the National Health Insurance board.  Scenario A Read more »

Understanding Holiday Pay in the BVI Labour Code

In the BVI Labour Code, an employee is either scheduled or not scheduled to work.  If an employee is NOT scheduled to work on a holiday, that employee does not receive holiday pay because they do not sustain financial lost.  Scenario A John is an hourly employee and usually works Monday to Friday.  Next week Read more »

Understanding terminations in the BVI Labour Code

We have posted the law concerning terminations of probationary and contract employees below.  Termination of employment contract within probationary period and short term contracts. Termination of employment contract with notice. 88.              (1) The employment contract of any employee may be terminated by the employer at any time during the probationary period for any valid and Read more »

Pay Slips

Print your Pay Slips individually or in bulk. Prefer to go Paperless? Employees can be emailed their Pay Slips. Employees can also Print Pay Slips from the Employee Portal. Print or Email Pay slips.

Government Reports

Stay up to date with your filings at National Health Insurance, Social Security, and Inland Revenue. Annual Reports are also included.

Allowances & Deductions

Unlimited company-wide and individual allowances and deductions. Allows for Non-taxable deductions such as pensions.

Click and Pay Payment Portal

Select the payment date and all employees to be paid are displayed with overtime, allowances and deductions already included. Add Pay Period bonuses and dock pay deductions.

Quickbooks Integration

Export your payroll information to Quickbooks Desktop.

Bulk Cheque Printing

1) Place cheques in the printer. 2) Select the employee(s) 3) Click “Bulk Cheque Printing” 4) Open the downloaded file and print. Cheques are filled out and paystub information added.

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