Arriving 15 minutes late for work each day contributes not only to lost productivity, but also increasd cost if the time is paid.  With the use of Vihrms Supervisor App, the Supervisor scans the workers in and out.  Using our Bulk Check printing option, checks and payslips can be printed with a few click.


Your captain goes directly to the boat, opens Vihrms Employee App and clocks in. With GPS fencing, the Employee App limits clock ins and outs to a specific location. On payday, simply use our Payroll Ez system to pay within minutes. Alternatively, you can export to Quickbooks (USVI) or Visual Payroll (BVI)



Need a solution that records your employee’s times quickly and efficiently? With ViHrms Photo Capture Time Clock, your problems are resolved. Employees enter their employee number and once they select clock in or out, their photo is taken.

Salaried workers

Do you have paid salaried workers but just need to track their times for productivitiy reasons? Vihrms Webclock allows your employees to clock in from their computers on your company network.

Behind with your government filings?

Use ViHRMS to update your tax filings. For salaried workers, enter the employee into ViHRMS and set their Joining date and payment information. Select Make Payment. Choose the period between the joining date(or last paid tax date) and current date. Vihrms shows all the pay periods with deductions and net pay for that employee. Process them all with one click.

Existing Timekeeper application?

No problem! We can great a custom upload format structure which will allow you to upload your file directly into Vihrms for Payroll Calculations. This is useful for individuals with existing timekeeping systems.

Existing Payroll Application?

No Problem! Vihrms TimeKeeper and HR Manager creates export files for Visual Payroll (BVI Customers) and Quickbooks Desktop. Use a different application? We can customize a file for you!