ViHRMS Updates: Document expiration notification (Food Handlers, Work Permits, etc), Support Center, Easy of Access

We are constantly improving ViHRMS. Here is a list of our new improvements:

  1. Support Center
    1. Employees can submit HR tickets and view the status of their tickets submitted.
    2. Knowledge Center – Keep employees updated with HR related articles
    3. FAQ – Create answers to a list of frequently asked questions
  1. Permissions
    1. Superadmin can now setup user types and set specific permissions within those user types. For example, a menu called Supervisors can be created and assigned to a specific administrator with the ability to view the data but not edit and delete.
  1. Administration
    1. Previously, Administrators were added in a separate module called Additional User. In this new update, the Super-Admin has the option to set an employee as an Administrator.
    2. In the past, the employee who was also an administrator had to maintain two separate logins—employee and administrator. In this update, the employee uses one login for both functions
  1. Departments
    1. ViHRMS only allowed only one level of hierarchical structure: CEO => Departments => Employees. In this update, there can be an unlimited number of reporting departments. Each department can be in different locations and all departments are assigned a department head. Department heads are able to view edit or delete(depends on permissions) the employees in their department and reporting departments
  1. Report Improvements 
    1. The following reports have been improved:
      1. Attendance Details
      2. Employee Details
      3. Employee Summary
      4. Employee Balance
      5. Absence Details
  1. Document Expiration
    1. Documents with expiration dates are now a part of the employee’s file. Set the expiration date reminder and both the HR Department and the employee gets an email reminding them to update the specific document. Great for Food Handlers Card, Work Permits, etc.

Many more improvements are on the way.  Don’t forget that ViHRMS also has standard features such as Attendance Control, Leave Management,  Payroll and Statutory reports.  To learn more or try us risk free for 30 days, visit

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